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"Recently I had the great pleasure of working on a book on the wildlife of South Africa’s Bushveld region, which was published in 2008.This book, published by Southbound, an imprint of 30 Degrees South, is an all-encompassing reference material for the nature and history of one of South Africa’s most diverse biomes, the Savannah. The editing of such a tome is surely a momentous task and certainly not one to be envied with Latin names, scientific detail, historical anecdotes and more than 700 pages.Enter Jayne Southern.This amazing lady, with the patience of a saint, managed to translate my knowledge and poor English into an excellent read, which flows in a way I did not think would be possible. Her access to experts for advice in all fields also assisted to build this reference book into a respected guide for use in the region, and even become recommended reading for the Field Guides Association of South Africa. (Jayne’s subtly inserted jokes, in bright green, were often so good that I felt guilty erasing them, but they certainly motivated me to carry on!) With a text that made sense, the publishers could build my work into the photographic guide that it is today: the great layout, wonderful cover design and quality reproduction now have text one can read with ease."

Lee Gutteridge, author of “The South African  Bushveld – a field guide from the Waterberg” published by Southbound, an imprint of 30 Degrees South (

"I love your editing style! You have a charming way of explaining why a chapter is, essentially, crap. You are on such familiar terms with my characters that I know I had better take note when you say things like “Kitty would never say that.” Your command of the English language is daunting. I try very hard now, not to use words like “get” and “put” inappropriately. Thank you for your interest and your constant encouragement. After all your hard work, I am feeling guilty that I have delayed so long on the rewriting of “Love Revenge and Royal Jelly.”

Ronnie Whitaker, author of  "How to kill your husband" published by New Africa Books

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