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"Meter Maids Eat Their Young" by EJ Knapp. Genre: Thriller/ romance,/mystery/understated humour (released April 2012)
Teller, a determined investigative journalist, dried out member of AA, returns to his home town and numerous ghosts, including a failed love affair. Embroiled in uncovering the answers to a serious of murders, he unearths a scam involving the local authority and meters and a ratepayers’ revolt. Stylish, thoughtful, witty, engaging.

"Advent – Angels of the Night" by Wyatt Damon. Genre: YA/Fantasy


How to be ‘good’ when you are a demon? How to make the right choices when your mother, who chose to become an angel, is murdered by your father, a determined demon?


"Sex Lives of the Famous" by Bernard Levinson. Genre: Fiction/psychology/
'It all began with the poet Keats. He so obviously needed sex therapy.’ Bernard Levinson has analysed some heroes from our past, with amazingly human problems, and brought them to life. Tarzan, Mussolini, Anne Boleyn, Snow White, Tolstoy, Wagner, Hamlet, King Solomon and many others share their time ‘on the couch’ with Bernard.





"The Dame’s Juggler" by P.C. Feller. Genre: Fiction
An intriguing and evocative portrayal of human affections, fate, love and necessary decision














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