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'Leaves from the Fig Tree' - Diana Duff     

'World Heritage Sites of South Africa' - Robben Island; The Cradle of Mankind; Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park; uKhahlamba - Drakensberg Park; Cape Floral Region;  Vredefort Dome; Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape - David Fleminger     

'The South African Bushveld' - Lee Gutteridge       

'The Last Protegee' - Nancy Deeds Resler 


'At Bobby Trivette's Grave', 'Salt of Patriots', 'In Euphoria' - Donna D. Vitucci 

'Man of Bees', 'Athena's Revenge' - Alex Morris-Eyton                     

'The Travels & Travails of Stella Bellamy' - Barbara Schreiner

'Mistress of Crystals', and short stories - Justyna Plitcha-Jendzio                                                                                                      'Record' - Massimiliano Moro                                                                'Masked Demon series - Nightfall, Midnight, Dawn'  -Richard Combs                                                                                        'The Door into War', 'The King's Footholder', The Faerie Wife' - Andrew Richardson                                                                                'Sexual Secrets of the Famous' - Bernard Levinson                          'The Feeding' - NZ Grant                                                                        'The Sigma Code', 'The Zero Sum Balance' - Jerry Bell                    'The Brambles', 'Blythe of the Gates' - Leah Erickson                        'Choke', 'The Unseen' - Lisa Towles

'The Journal of Liv Theed', 'The Hunter' - Jay Hollister                    'Maz'hura' - Paul Centeno

'Escape from Bliss' - Jake Lucas

'Advent - Angels of the Night' - Wyatt Damon   

Homemade Sin', 'The Church of the Path of Least Resistance', 'Heavenly Pleasures' - Mark Covington

'The Machiavellian Affair', 'The Hidden Third', 'Darts of Deceit',  - Wilf Nussey 

'Letters from the Ministry', 'Kev, The Vampire' - Phillip Donnelly

'The Memory of Water' - JT Lawrence 

'Unrequited' - Jenny Drummey
"The Innocence of Roast Chicken" 

'The Dandelion Clock', 'The Butterfly Wind', 'The Starlight Tide', --Tangled Weeds' - Sarah Key

'Stealing the Marbles', 'Meter Maids Eat Their Young' -  E.J. Knapp

'Say That to My Face', 'Godwin's Law', 'You THink This Is a Game?', 'Concrete Smile' - Bernard Maestas

'Killerbyte', 'Terrorbyte', 'Exacerbyte', 'Flashbyte', 'Soundbyte', 'Databyte', Eraserbyte', Psychobyte', Metabyte', 'Qubyte' - Cat Connor

'The Danny Roth Series: Teammates, Teamwork, Home Team, Stealing Home, Group Therapy', 'Warriors', 'Random Survival' series (IV titles), 'Double Play' - Ray Wenck

'Fallen Star', 'One Hot Summer' - Ian Barker

'Firefall', 'Poisoned Tears' - J.H. Bogran

'Rumours of War' - Michael Snow

'Land That I Love', 'Might MIghty (I, II, III)'  - William Freedman

'Partholon', 'Tu'an', 'Col'm' (Partholon trilogy); 'Frank Vaughan, Killed by His Mother', 'Southern Gothic' - DO Krauss                 'The Pool Boy's Beatitude' - David J. Swykert

''The Dame's Juggler', 'The Leaf Falls' - P.C. Feller                             'Basha, Baby' - Lee Marcus                                                                   'Varangian,  Vols. I, II & III', 'Whipped Up', 'Overstretched', 'A Broken Life' - Stuart Yates                                                                     'Children of the Valley'  - David Kukoff                                               'This Girl's Abroad', 'Mounted and Hung', 'Screwed for Money' - Andrene Low                                                                                            'Defenders - Awakening', 'Defenders - Rising' -  Cat Cervantes

'Legends of the Flame' - Peter Younghusband                                   'The Gates to Hell' - Caroline Addenbrooke 

'Shadow Tracker' - Keith Nelson       






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